Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Hipsters and Pinners: The Girl Hipster

The Battle for Style Dominance

I walked into the Temple of Hipster today or the Brimhall Building. Yes I do claim to be a public relations major. I know there is often a bit of animosity between PR and advertising majors but I feel no hate. Actually, I wish they were one and the same because I would totally do both.

So here we are in the Brimhall building. I have a class every Tuesday and Thursday for the major and every morning I think to myself…I have to look good. Why? Because in this building of hipsters…I still have to feel like I am an individual.

Today I dressed myself in sandy brown boots, “Olympic blue” pants, white t-shirt, grey vest, brown tweed jacket with hood, and a plaid white scarf. Oh! we shant forget the chains and chocolate plated watch and Dolce & Gabana belt I bought from an African in Italy. After all you can’t wear the hipster glasses everyday :) So here I am. I walk into the Brimhall…snow covered and lookin amazing.

oh and ps...I seriously started wearing fake glasses before it was cool,
just ask my mission buddies, they made fun :)
I get to class and I see the typical guys who are always a bit more hipster then me…Don’t worry one has an accent that makes girls swoon and the other is probably like Hawaiian or something so ya...I have no chance with these girls...

But what of the girls? I mean, in any other college we could just describe the whole culture/style as hipster because the girls as well as the boys would probably shop at the same stores, get tattoos from the same shop and listen to the same music you've probably never heard of. Irony intended.

But the girls at BYU dress a little differently. Have you noticed? I mean for the last two years, I would probably describe BYU women’s fashion as the Age of Mormon girls or the Zoey Deschanel look. All the girls had shops with modest clothing finally. Everyone was wearing a cardigan and brown belt around it. So where are we now?

I’m going to propose that we call the girl’s style at BYU as Pinners…as in Pinterest users. I would venture to say that any girl at BYU who has ever been introduced to Pinterest was instantly intrigued. Following the intrigue was varying levels of addiction and boards but a few would definitely wedding, fashion, DIY, etc. We are less and less influenced by magazines and TV shows and more and more influenced by social media like Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.

I mentioned this to a girl in my class and she proceeded to tell me exactly what Pinners wear: oversized sweatshirt or shirt, skinny jeans or leggings, calf boots, boutique jewelry and the newest style of nail design (glitter, spackle, tie-die, etc.) Which just so happened to be maybe half the class :)

And this is pretty much everyone HiPinners unborn child
So moral of the story. Well for you gentlemen who are about to get married, check the boards to find out what kind of ring she wants. Don't worry, there will most likely be several styles to choose from so take your pick. Or if you're struggling to think of date ideas or vacations (if you're married) check out them boards!! Ladies, all I'm going to say is stop pinning on boards like "men" or "future husband" and start meeting "men" and "future husbands". I wonder if someone should focus their efforts on trying to get the girls to lower their standards a bit :) Sure guys need to learn how to commit, stop playing video games and other trivial pursuits but girls need to get just the slightest reality check :)

Monday, April 30, 2012

Caution: An Over Usage of Exclamation Points Were Used in the Making of this Post



So some background for ya. In Winter 2010 I auditioned for the Ballroom Dance Company and made it (beginning team). I thought I was on cloud nine every day I was at team. So stoked. Such a blessing. I remember feeling completely inadequate and just tried to prove myself on that team every day. I continued on to do the Spring and Summer teams to get more experience with this ballroom formation business... it was definitely a new thing for me. I got moved to the 1 o'clock team (intermediate) the following year and again just so grateful for that! Then I was moved onto the Back Up team last year and was SO grateful for that..and had that sinking feeling...you know...the feeling you get of it's now or never....this is it....

The whole year I tried to do everything I could to improve my dancing, be a good team member and grow as a person. Well it all payed off.

We were told the list (or email) was going to be posted as soon as grades were up. Grades were up on Thursday and their was A TEXT ..!!.. and AN EMAIL ... that said it would be posted later....


Well the official statement was "by the beginning of next week" so I just selfishly interpreted that to be before Monday ...

Well Saturday night I was watching a movie with another member of the Back Up team who was (like everyone on team) trying not to think about move-ups. I got a text that said "Please check your email" from a certain team director and I knew...this was it....this email would tell me yay or nay. ..


I didn't want to say anything yet to the other team member sitting right next to me so, discreetly, I looked at my email on my phone and it said:

"Charlie, we are pleased to inform you that .a.dkfja @#$%s odifa sdlkfjasv m'as^$*%^ $^#era;  a;lkdj sfalos kfj ;laej ra;lej "

That's just what happens in your head when you read the word PLEASED and not regret or something like that. So I turn to the other team member and say,

"Hey um, you might want to check your email"
"What? Why...Omagosh..did you make it"
"Congrats...okay (cue deep breath)"
(I'm waiting REALLY hoping she made it cause that would be SUPER awkward if not)

Cue dance jigs and laughter, screaming, slapping each other (that's just what I do when I get excited about things...ask my roommates) calling of the familials...

Yes. I did it. After HOURS AND HOURS of practice for two and a half years, money never seeing my bank account, AWESOME coaches and mentors, AWESOME UNFORGETTABLE AMAZING partners, NO social life (seriously thought)...and ya...It actually happened.

Long term goals are hard to set, especially those with deadlines cause when the deadlines come..so does the reaping...

Well. I know its gonna be hecka difficult. Especially Blackpool year because we have a title to defend, and it will be my first year, and I'm just going into it ready and prepared to be picked on.

Oh and I have another partner. CRAZY huh?! Not like I do this every year....AND I never ever go into a partnership thinking...one year and that's all. Actually I would much prefer to stick with the same partner. It would require a heck of a lot less choreography lessons...but I AM SO EXITED for it. And as far as I can tell..there would be no reason for me to switch next year. Oh and did I mention we will be touring England, Germany, Switzerland and mayby Austria?!?! what the what?!?!

AND MOST importantly...I will be able to serve more with this talent I have been able to develop. True, I love the perks but that is going to be the BESTEST perk ever. Serving through dance.. I mean seriously does it get any better...I submit to you that it does not.

{Sir Charles III}

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Is This Real Life?

There's no use beleaguering the point that it has been some time since I last posted, but needless to say I have been a very busy.




This semester has been more stressful than I had originally anticipated...and here I thought I had planned enough time to practice, study and have a social life...nope...unfortunately each bit died a little this semester.

So here I am. The National Dancesport competition is behind me and I'm left to pick up the fragmented classes I left behind with projects and finals.

So what's on the good doctors mind after all this time you ask?

Well it has been a while, so the following subjects (and posts) are most likely not going to be of any great significance, no time to develop and argue it out with my buddies.

Subject Number One

(I'm gonna brag a little...forgive)

A week or so before nationals, I was talking with my dear partner about some security issues I seem to have. Here's the story of my performance life: Throughout grade school I was always involved with community shows, summer music programs; got fairly good parts that seemed to fit my personality and I'm gonna be honest.. I felt pretty legit. Coming into high school I felt like I owned my creative life: choreographing, performing, singing, getting in the newspaper and on the news for just being a well-rounded kid in a small-ish city.

I came to BYU on music. I thought I was going to go into MDT with a business minor to produce shows; become a Simon Cowell of sorts. I felt (and honestly still feel) like I have a good eye for the arts...not necessarily talented enough to be a performer, but ya... I pretty good critic. I am on a completely different career path now but ....I digress...

Okay so I came and auditioned for BYU Men's Chorus. I told my mom that if I didn't make it, maybe I WAS just a big fish in a little pond like everyone kept saying. Needless to say I was super nervous going through that audition process but after the first-round-guy said I was a tenor I went on to the audition with Sis Hall. After realizing I was in fact a bass (but had the potential up top...whatever :) she said one of the nicest things. One of her co-workers had just walked into the office and she turned to him and said, "You have just missed one of the best freshman auditions I have ever heard."


Okay I was seriously grinning from ear to ear at that point. She said, all with her awesome welsh accent, "There is a slim chance you will be called back for Concert Choir, and an even slimmer chance you will get in...but you never know." Cue cute smirky older lady face.

I was in fact called back as a bass for Concert choir and proceeded to COMPLETELY botch that portion of the audition. So Men's Chorus it was and I wouldn't of had it any other way. Now I know most of the members on Vocal Point because we were buds in the choir together. (These are not them...these are other friends.

That semester I also began taking ballroom classes...way back in the Magnum Knight Building which has sense been sentenced to rubble. I did surprisingly well in that class and really enjoyed that medium of expression. I came back from my mission and decided to pursue ballroom for a bit.

After the first year I was hooked. I felt this surge of excitement practicing and being in the classes...the bug... they call it. I really wanted to do well and I planned from that point my goal to make the Tour team as soon as possible. Several of the teachers and coaches I had, told me there was so much potential. Some very sweet members of the tour team would see me practicing and take an interest in my progression...

I couldn't have asked for a more welcoming atmosphere.

Well, this last year has been SUCH a growing year for me. I was on the Back-Up team....last step before tour and what a talented team it was...with one of the best dance partners. For some reason though, I had this weird self esteem issue. For the entire year, I felt like although my dancing was improving, nobody saw it. Silly I know but I just felt lost. Every performing style I had attempted up to that point had been successful, and here I am having security issues.

Don't get me wrong, I see my progression but it was just very difficult at times coming home to my roommates and being so frustrated with myself and dance. Needless to say there were many a desired yogurt runs. Might I just take a moment to express my gratitude for roommates who are not ballroom dancers: when I want to talk about ballroom, it's short and sweet; when I'm not in the mood...neither is anyone else :)

With the imminent list about to be posted for the Blackpool Team (my ultimate goal), you could say I'm a little anxious to find out the results. I feel like I've done absolutely everything in my power to get on that team: been in every class, back-up for a solid year, good team member, pleasant-no-drama-personality...


but really no drama.

The list is suppose to be posted by the end of this month and I just have to say I am on a roller coaster of self esteem. I WANT THIS SO BAD. I often think to myself: the practice, the money, the extra year at college, the fact that I have no social life...will all be worth it IF...

Sir Charles III

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Confessions of a Perfectionist

Truth. I am not a true perfectionist. That would be borderline psychotic. I feel like true perfectionists are very complicated people. I mean, think of all the things that you would have to worry about: looks, education, talents, family, job...seriously the list is never ending. And thinking about it, perfectionism is just stupid.

I used to be close. Back in grade school, it was like a game/challenge to be a perfectionist or to increase my homework load. We would have multiplication races and I always won. If I didn't, I suddenly had a bad day at school. I remember I used to ask my teachers for homework. I would get so excited to do homework because I knew I could do it perfectly and get a 100%, gold stars and smiley faces. They looked so good on a piece of paper.

I ended up going to a "challenge school" or an advanced middle school (whatever you want to call it) because of this crazy stupid perfectionism. It was a new program; we were the schools guinea pigs. They stuck these crazy perfectionist kids in the ghetto school downtown Grand Junction to boost the school's test scores :) For the next three years, I was around kids who tried to out-perfect each other. Sons and daughters of doctors and lawyers...it was insane. Everyone was in music, everyone got A's and I was in a sense at home.

We fought over science fair projects. I fondly remember (fondly being the awkward key word here) being at the district science fair with all my classmates and a bunch of high school students. It was so much fun. Growing up, being a perfectionist in school meant you got to get out of school a ton. Elementary school it was get out of school to script a puppet show. Middle school it was the science fair. Side note: that was the year my parents said less was more....the kid next to my booth had the exact same project idea and it was twice as big...he made it to the next round and I didn't :).

Well off to high school I went and suddenly I realized there wasn't nearly as much homework. I was used to doing like 6 hours of homework in middle school (sick I know). I asked teachers if I could create power points for them POWER POINTS!!! I'm sorry, I was nuts. Reality hit me and I soon discovered that I didn't have to try as hard. Oh, and there was time to play, and watch TV (not saying I didn't watch TV in middle school...I so did). But I just found other ways to occupy my time. I rebounded a bit. The first semester I got two B's but by the end of my High School years, I had a 4.0.

Then I came to college and realized...I can be average and I am totes okay with that. I still have some perfectionist insecurities though...allow me to illuminate.
I was in the MTC (Missionary Training Center) learning a new language. Italian. Probably the easiest language to at least start (until you study their grammar...sick!) Every word is pronounced how it's spelled (and if you know romantic languages...boom. You got it). So there I was, trying to speak this language perfectly. You see, every week you have these teaching experiences. The first one is like, go into a store and buy some clothes...and try to start a conversation about the gospel, invite them to hear the message. 
OMG I remember when we taught the first lesson in the MTC. They didn't have enough volunteers for us to teach to, so they piled like 3 companionships (6 missionaries) in one room and expected us to take turns trying to teach......
I don't think I said one word. I knew that if I spoke, I would mess up pronunciation or grammar or something. So as a recovering perfectionist, I said nothing...no mistakes that way. You see?

Getting out into the mission field was just that much more difficult. Babies knew how to speak Italian better than me. :] My companions would be laughing at something the member family said...and I would just smile. And then they would laugh at that. I would say that it took me about 3 months to actually feel comfortable with the language. I knew how to say what I wanted to say. And I felt good about it. Was I perfect, no way. But I was better than the guy next to me and that was perfect enough :)

So is that perfection? Being better, cleaner, neater or more talented than the person next to you? Are perfectionist just anal people with pride issues trying to be better then the kid next to them?

So I start this ballroom thing. Oh boy, I hated practicing in the beginning. I was in 184 (one of the beginning classes) and I wanted to be as good as the people practicing open routines in the practice studios. I saw them do a quickstep...and reflected on what my teacher taught us. There wasn't nearly as much running and hopping. I hated practicing though (like I hated speaking Italian in the beginning) because I knew people were better then me.

Even when I got back from the mission and started competing open, I would see people noticeably better than me and ... my partner and I would switch rooms.

So what has changed? Am I perfect PAH!!! Do I consider myself better than everyone around me? Boh ho ho!!! So what has changed. I think recovering perfectionists find some secret that works for them. For me, its a love for what I do and seeing progression in doing it. When people ask me, "What makes you do ballroom" I say "It just feels good in my body" To non dancers, maybe physic majors or geologists, that may be difficult to understand. But it feels good in my body, and I can see where I've come from. A coach once told me, "When you practice, your goal is to make everyone stop what they are doing so they can watch you. When that happens, you'll know you're getting somewhere."

Why am I not better at the guitar? Or why haven't I touched it outside of taking the guitar class? Well, I'm not perfect.

Sir Charles

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Single Doesn't Jingle All the Way

Reason for Title: I am not going to have a cuddle buddy to go see the Temple Square lights with.... pooh
It has taken way too long to get back to blogging.  (Here comes the whine fest) With dance, school, dance, work, and dance... it was difficult to find enough time for myself, let alone enough time to write down my thoughts.

So. Let me backtrack several weeks, even months, to a time before school began. All was bright and beautiful. I was going on dates with several girls inside and outside of EFY, inside and outside of the ballroom world, and …okay those were my only options at the time but still. It was fantastic. 

The following is a rough mock up of girls I have been interested in over the past months. 

PS we are married...but she doesn't know yet :P
Girl #1 – Okay little disclaimer, I do not date unattractive people. The girls I date, I date, because they are beautiful people inside and out. Okay, so there was this EFY counselor who seriously ALL the guys were drooling over. I was aware of a few of these guys in the beginning (the ones that had no chance with her)…but as the weeks rolled on, I would get those stanky faces from some of the other guys at EFY. This could be because of the AWESOME flirting techniques that I ooze (NOT) but anyways. Girl #1 and I went on just a few dates. A common theme that you will see is that dating + efy = a TON of dead end dates. The reason it ended with this girl (because she is seriously SO AWESOME) is probably because I never felt that deeper connection with her. The dates were fun, she has a brain (which is usually VERY difficult to find…sorry I’m not dating anyone right now so I’m bitter) and it just felt like we were both being fake to some degree…idk. You know when you want it to work…cause you are both attractive people, talented, world thinkers, etc etc…but it doesn’t work for some reason…Hate. That.
Girl #2 – Will represent all other girls at EFY that I did (or regretfully did not) go on dates with. The point I want to make here is…even if I wanted to go on other dates with them…at this point it would be so awkward to initiate that contact with them. Some of them had boyfriends during EFY but are single now. What do you do? How are you suppose to be like…"uh…Hi. I haven’t seen you in months. What are you doing this weekend?” Girls. If you get calls like this. Be nice….If you are truly busy…try to fit him in. Guys are fragile things

Girl #3 – So, here’s this ballroom girl. We go on a few dates over the summer. Like the other girls, these dates were short (I was a busy man) ((Keyword was)) Well. I was honestly fairly interested in this one when out of the blue…Man #2 sweeps her off her feet (oh, BTW I am Man #1) and I am left in the dust. The only consolation I had was telling my story to others. You see, I knew she was dating this other guy at the same time as me. Some of my roommates had seen the two together...but I never thought she'd actually go for the guy. Anyways, random third parties would tell me “OMG she chose HIM over YOU?” That made me feel better, but alas…what can you do? Say Girl #3 is now single?…Do I really wanna go for that after being second choice? No way. She stole the ball (whether she likes it or not) so its her turn.

Girl #4  – I have a complete blog devoted to this one….its gonna be good….like you have NO IDEA how good. Seriously...very funny shtuff.

Girl #5 – Okay, so here’s the money maker. I meet this girl - at my office of all places :) Upon meeting her I think to myself…what about this one?


OKAY if you live anywhere near the young single adult population, you know our mindset. I’m gonna come clean and say straight out….just about every girl I see I think to myself, “Is it her?”

Here it goes ladies….this is how one (and possibly many) guys’ brains work:

first thought - attractive
second thought - has a brain
I’m hooked. Usually the only distracter at this point is the question: Is any part of her annoying? – laugh, immaturity, etc. So I’m thinkin…how do I get her number without seeming like a tool. I am not a tool, nor do I know how to be as smooth as some guys are…so that would just not have worked out. Well, needless to say I met her elsewhere and got her number. HAD to go out with her. So the first date had to be awesome AND IT SOOOO WAS. After that…it became fairly difficult to set up a second date on account of the fact that both of our schedules were a bit vicious…but we did. 

Second date was….a long shot (she either thought…wow this is boring/awkard/the sweetest thing I’ve ever done on a date. ….Apparently she chose one of the more negative interpretations….okay …seriously not my fault when the night you give me is a TUESDAY!! 

Anyways…she doesn’t text…doesn’t text, doesn’t answer phone calls. And forgive me for being prideful…but this has never happened to me so the first thought I had was not, “She’s just not that into you.” No…I hoped for the best. I really thought this could go somewhere…she was so funny (although thinking about it now…she was a little standoffish) cute, SPOKE MY LANGUAGE!! Seriously…I thought this was the one. Alas…no. The last text I gave her said something to the effect of “Drop the guy you are with and lets go on another date”….no response. Ask me about the other texts so I don’t seem completely rude :)

So there you have it. 

What are my options now? I’ll tell you

…the ballroom world……….…..

Don’t know if I wanna get involved. You see, ballroom people (me being  a prime example) love to cuddle. Movie nights, going out with a group. We are seriously (should be) some of the best daters. We are practiced flirters (latin dancing)…we (should) know this art….That gets confusing. 

.....EFY girls…

a little awkward after months of no contact…Like what is that message? "Hi, I don’t have any other options, so I ‘m going to my back-up of the back-up list?" So I just don’t do it.

And…ya. That’s about it. I really don’t have a ward to pull from because I'm not around enough to really get to know anyone. 

Where does that leave me….well. At this point of my life, with no competitions in the immediate future, single. Very single. Seeing my mission companions ESPECIALLY THE WEIRD ONES are getting married and are having BABIES!!!! Or SECOND BABIES! OMG

Seriously people...where is that girl that is suppose to knock me off my feet?

Okay ya…woe is me…woe is me….bla bla bla…

This is my blog…

Sir Charles III