Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Hipsters and Pinners: The Girl Hipster

The Battle for Style Dominance

I walked into the Temple of Hipster today or the Brimhall Building. Yes I do claim to be a public relations major. I know there is often a bit of animosity between PR and advertising majors but I feel no hate. Actually, I wish they were one and the same because I would totally do both.

So here we are in the Brimhall building. I have a class every Tuesday and Thursday for the major and every morning I think to myself…I have to look good. Why? Because in this building of hipsters…I still have to feel like I am an individual.

Today I dressed myself in sandy brown boots, “Olympic blue” pants, white t-shirt, grey vest, brown tweed jacket with hood, and a plaid white scarf. Oh! we shant forget the chains and chocolate plated watch and Dolce & Gabana belt I bought from an African in Italy. After all you can’t wear the hipster glasses everyday :) So here I am. I walk into the Brimhall…snow covered and lookin amazing.

oh and ps...I seriously started wearing fake glasses before it was cool,
just ask my mission buddies, they made fun :)
I get to class and I see the typical guys who are always a bit more hipster then me…Don’t worry one has an accent that makes girls swoon and the other is probably like Hawaiian or something so ya...I have no chance with these girls...

But what of the girls? I mean, in any other college we could just describe the whole culture/style as hipster because the girls as well as the boys would probably shop at the same stores, get tattoos from the same shop and listen to the same music you've probably never heard of. Irony intended.

But the girls at BYU dress a little differently. Have you noticed? I mean for the last two years, I would probably describe BYU women’s fashion as the Age of Mormon girls or the Zoey Deschanel look. All the girls had shops with modest clothing finally. Everyone was wearing a cardigan and brown belt around it. So where are we now?

I’m going to propose that we call the girl’s style at BYU as Pinners…as in Pinterest users. I would venture to say that any girl at BYU who has ever been introduced to Pinterest was instantly intrigued. Following the intrigue was varying levels of addiction and boards but a few would definitely wedding, fashion, DIY, etc. We are less and less influenced by magazines and TV shows and more and more influenced by social media like Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.

I mentioned this to a girl in my class and she proceeded to tell me exactly what Pinners wear: oversized sweatshirt or shirt, skinny jeans or leggings, calf boots, boutique jewelry and the newest style of nail design (glitter, spackle, tie-die, etc.) Which just so happened to be maybe half the class :)

And this is pretty much everyone HiPinners unborn child
So moral of the story. Well for you gentlemen who are about to get married, check the boards to find out what kind of ring she wants. Don't worry, there will most likely be several styles to choose from so take your pick. Or if you're struggling to think of date ideas or vacations (if you're married) check out them boards!! Ladies, all I'm going to say is stop pinning on boards like "men" or "future husband" and start meeting "men" and "future husbands". I wonder if someone should focus their efforts on trying to get the girls to lower their standards a bit :) Sure guys need to learn how to commit, stop playing video games and other trivial pursuits but girls need to get just the slightest reality check :)

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